Our Story

Photography by Andrea Chlebak

D-Original Sausage Co. is owned and operated by master sausage maker Drews Driessen, with the help of his wife and son. Drews was born into his craft in northern Germany, and represents five generations of sausage making. While his interest started off as a boy helping his father and grandfather in any spare moments, his craft and expertise would be taken to unprecedented heights through travel and education; the former explaining why you're able to purchase calabrese (Italy), saucisson sec (France), and fuet (Spain) from us.

We're dedicated to bringing you the products you deserve, free of marketing ploys and manipulation. Each of the animals we use is raised locally and hand-selected. In the end, we can proudly say that all are offerings are thoughtfully prepared. To understand more about our philosophy, please continue reading below.

There's a story about trust that most of the production food industry has seemingly long-forgotten about.

In the olden days, customers knew where their food came from. This was largely because of the small size of the communities people used to live in. It was likely that you knew the butcher you bought your meat from, the bread maker who made your bread, the cheese maker that made the cheese so on, and so forth.

In these times, people entered a store with confidence, because society demanded food businesses to perform at a standard that was commonly accepted. It was a simple system, based on accountability, where the businesses involved provided exceptional goods because anything else would mean they would likely close down.

The customer was empowered by knowing that the meat they were bringing home to their family was a good product, because they not only knew the butcher, they knew the farmer who raised the cow. So If a customer was unsatisfied with a product, they could walk up to the person making the goods, not only to voice a complaint or concern, but be heard meaningfully, and this was the case because the business had no other option: They would be forced to listen, and respond quickly and effectively because their survival depended on it.

However, fast-forward to today, and you see a different story. As the connection between consumer and food producer disintegrated over time, the urgency that food producers had to provide quality, pure and honest products did the same. The accountability celebrated in the past no longer exists, because the person you purchase your cut of meat from is across the country and is part of an enterprise that operates on a scale so large, that quality control is no longer feasible.

Labeling, we're told, is a victory.

These are not are sentiments we believe, that products don't need labels or an expiry date to be looked at before purchase. It's the food industry's responsibility to make sure you are getting the best and freshest products.

At our company, we're not afraid to empower our customers. In fact, we demand from ourselves, to give what our customers would have had in a different time, because we believe that trust between us and the people purchasing our goods is absolutely necessary.

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